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poder resting between sets

Welcome to the online home of Poder and the Poderettes. We have you enjoy your visit. Please take the time to browse our schedule and see when we will be performing our own brand our woof-worthy punk rock in a town near you.


9/8/04: Poder's diva antics get her thrown in the clink again. The Poderettes bailed her out again, no court date has been set yet, so all appearances are still on for the same date. Check back to for further updates.

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9/1/04: A new show has been added for the month of November! Poder and the Poderettes are pleased to announce a joint concert with Mema's Dogs. Some of you may remember Mema's Dogs from their time as roadies for the Poderettes but now they started their own new-age techno band and are ready to rock. For those not in the know, Barney of Mema's Dogs is also the boyfriend of Poder (we're expecting wedding bells anytime).