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Mental illness sucks, I have a very close family member who is battling right now because she got off her meds, and it doesn't just effect her, it effects all of us.  Worrying whether or not the meds will work, how long it will take for her to get better, if she can ever possibly be "normal."  I'd kill for "normal" right now.  What's my vacation from dealing with all the crap that's come with this recent bout, the Duke Blue Devils.

What would I do without that couple of hours twice a week when I get to think about how Randolph got in K's doghouse, whether the starting line-up ploy was to force Redick to be a leader, why Ewing has turned into the new Dahntay for the refs, and when Wojo going to get more face time.  It's been hellacious recently but at least I got my games, for a little while longer, hopefully till the championship game.  Maybe by then my life and my family's life will be more settled, maybe some of my questions will be answered, maybe i'll find some hope and optimism in all this madness. 

Life sucks right now but I'm trying to find some bright side, but ain't no silver linings until I know the answers to my questions, till I can put my mind at ease about my ill family member. Maybe then I'm can stop submulating (sp) my frustration through cleaning. 

If only I was rich.

another dirty liberal


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